Our Philosophy;

At Noah’s Ark, children are shown respect at all times and accepted as their own unique individual with different abilities, backgrounds, and learning capacities. We encourage them to develop to their full potential by creating a loving, safe environment in which to grow by providing enriching age-appropriate activities in each classroom. Play is encouraged and recognized as an important tool for learning and basis for teaching necessary social and life skills. Our curriculum is focused on assisting children to learn through activities and experiences, and our teachers are facilitators of learning rather than lecturers or information givers. We believe that social skills learned in the early years are more important and more useful to children than academic skills, while still of importance. Discipline is always implemented in a positive manner by redirecting undesirable behavior and acknowledging and encouraging favorable social behaviors. Feelings are valued and positive communication skills are fostered through guiding children to solve conflicts among themselves.  


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"Our kids have gone to Noah's Ark since they were babies and through the pre-k class.  The staff there are so loving and caring towards the kids and always so trustworthy.  We love Noah's Ark and would recommend this center to any of our friends!"

Nicole Peixoto

(mom of Jackson and Sophie)

"Noah’s Ark is fantastic!  It is such a relief to have the peace of mind of knowing my child is safe and happy at Noah’s Ark while my husband and I are at work each day!"

-Marwa Elzankaly (mother of Suhaila)