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Mission Statement:


Our mission is to promote a happy, healthy, inclusive and safe learning environment for the children and foster positive energy in the school environment.  

We strive to provide the highest level of education, personal care, and guidance to our students of all abilities and to their families. We believe in a family focused approach to child development and whole child development education.

Our curriculum is designed to accommodate all children's educational needs in a way that enhances their abilities, facilitates their goals, and inspires continual growth. Our goal is to provide children with the opportunity to succeed as outstanding individuals in a diverse future environment.



"Our kids have gone to Noah's Ark since they were babies and through the pre-k class.  The staff there are so loving and caring towards the kids and always so trustworthy.  We love Noah's Ark and would recommend this center to any of our friends!"

Nicole Peixoto

(mom of Jackson and Sophie)

"Noah’s Ark is fantastic!  It is such a relief to have the peace of mind of knowing my child is safe and happy at Noah’s Ark while my husband and I are at work each day!"

-Marwa Elzankaly (mother of Suhaila)

Developmental Milestones and Goals


(Ages 0-2.5 years)

The most important aspect in these early years is providing a secure, caring, and stimulating atmosphere for children to flourish and mature emotionally and intellectually. Helping your child develop trust through consistency in having their basic needs met including; food, diaper changes, response to crying, warmth, and affection).

Physical/Motor Development:

  • Sits without assistance, crawls, stands, walks, runs (within age appropriate time range)

  • Help develop body control and coordination. 

  • Transfers objects from hand to hand and master raking and pincer grasp, developing both small and large motor skills

Language and Speech Development​

  • Participating in oral activities such as reading stories, singing songs, circle times

  • Syllable repetition/verbal development through interactive communication

  • Following simple one/two step instructions

  • Using words too communicate wants and needs

Social and Emotional Development​

  • Interactive play with teachers and other children

  • Learning about emotional control (i.e. sharing is difficult at this age and not fully understood but learned through communication about compassion and sense of what others may feel)

  • Learning how to problem solve and walking through different steps

Developmental Milestones and Goals

Pre-school (ages 2.5-3.5 years)

Children in this age group become much more independent and self-sufficient. We start to lay the foundations for development of interpersonal relationship with caregivers and classmates.


Physical Development:

  • Movement milestones; running, jumping, dancing, and climbing, balancing

  • Personal hygiene and learning/mastering toilet training and supportiveness for the process, also including unzipping/unsnapping/unbuckling and learning how to dress and undress self

  •  Development of small and large body muscles in the body through exercise and movement

  • Throwing and catching a ball

Language and Speech Development

  • Starting to recognize all the different letters and there appropriate sounds

  • Recognizing color/shapes

  • Use sentences of more than 2-3 words

  • pre-writing skills (i.e. holding/grasping pencil, hand grasp)

  • Using words to communicate wants/needs

Social/Emotional Development

  • Learning ways of showing affections and concern and sympathy for classmates (i.e. giving an ice pack to a hurt friend)

  • Self-evaluating and learning process of knowing when they made appropriate or inappropriate choices and consequences of the actions

  • Learning and practicing increased self-control (especially during  times like circle time, quiet times, etc)

  • Pretend play being a critical aspect of development that builds languae, social skills, and emotional development as well

  • Practicing conflict resolution and what actions are acceptable with others

  • Exploring ideas of feelings through play (frustrations, fears and happiness) and learning how to express those in appropriate ways

Developmental Milestones and Goals

Pre-K (ages 3.5-5 years)

Children in this age group tend to have a tremendous spurt of imaginative ideas that we like to help fuel by guiding and providing a welcoming atmosphere for them to grow and flourish and learn. 

Physical Development

  • Caring for own toilet needs (dressing/undressing self)

  • Small motor skills such as; buckling, lacing, threading beads, buttoning, and cutting with scissors (supervised)

  • Climbs, hops, can go up and down stairs with ease, jumps with two feet together, throws and catches ball, kicks and bounces ball

Language and Speech Development ​

  • Following 2-3-4 step directions

  • Learning possessive forms of nouns

  • Understanding different tenses (past, present, future)

  • Better understanding concept of time, partly through consistency of daily activities and routine

  • Inquisitive questions such as ; why, how and interested/responding to the explanation behind things

  • Basic grammar rules (he/she/I)

Social/Emotional Development 

  • Conversing about different likes/dislikes

  • Learning about the differences in one another and learning even with differences and respecting one another

  • Learning to ask for assistance when needed and to communicate all needs/wants 

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